"I've been playing golf for 10 years and I couldn't get my handicap below 21. I did a number of lessons with Martin during which he analysed my swing, coached me on how to approach my game and adjusted the grips and weights on my clubs. In one season I won two competitions in my golf club, my handicap dropped to 18, and my game is still going from strength to strength. All thanks to Martin ..." Gerard, South Dublin
"I was an average golfer playing off a handicap of 17 but I used to get very tense during my game of golf, particularly if I didn't score well on one or two holes. This seriously affected my enjoyment of the game. I had heard of Martin Toner's success with 'The Mental Game' and after a number of sessions where he brought me through the Golfpsych© program, I have relaxed completely on the golf course and each game is now thoroughly enjoyable .... "
"My putting was a huge weakness in my game. I met Martin at a business networking event and went on to do a series of golf lessons with him. He taught me an excellent method of practising my putting and to execute effectively during my game. Now, 3-putts are a thing of the past ... " Liz, West Dublin
I played golf for years with a set of clubs which were a present from my work colleagues. I never felt totally comfortable with them and I suspected that they were affecting my game. I went to Martin for advice. He measured and analysed both my swing and my clubs and immediately diagnosed a mismatch. He went on to develop a completely custom-built set of clubs for me and demonstrated the improvement in my swing. I went on to play the best golf of my life ... Thanks Martin ... " Mike, North Dublin